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james decosta
12-05-2007, 04:53 AM
i am building an installer which contains three different components and the requirement is that i need to deploy them on three different machines and i need to check that they point to the mysql server machine which contains our required databases.
So in the preinstall task ,i am giving a "GET USER INPUT ADVANCED" panel and then i am setting the installanywhere variables and i am setting "$DRIVER$",
$URL$,"$PASSWORD$" etc.
My problem is for the first time when i am inputting right information i am not getting any display panel,For the second time even when i input right information it is displaying the panel for the wrong database connection and the error which i can see in the stdout.log is "unable to load database driver".
Can someone help me in debugging ??????????? and when does this exception come in the installer.I am getting the classnotfound exception.
CAN anyone help me out of this issue

The java class is attached for your referral

Yves Kreis
12-05-2007, 06:27 AM

Anyhow a lot of things won't work in here...

public final static String URL =ruleProxy.substitute("$URL$");
This one will be set once and will not be updated when you change something!

This one won't work. Either use $ at the beginning AND the end of the variable or use neither nor. Besides you need to retrieve $NULL$, i.e. use ruleProxy.substitute as you were told to do in another thread.

Don't create 10 threads for 1 problem. Post your project with your code, then maybe someone can tell you what is not working! And besides: Did you read the manual in the meantime?

Best Regards,

james decosta
12-05-2007, 06:55 AM
i wrote the custom rule by referring to the sample custom rules,
so can i use
String DRIVER =ruleProxy.substitute("$DRIVER$");
public static String DRIVER=ruleProxy.substitute("$DRIVER$");?????????

instead of
public final static String DRIVER=ruleProxy.substitute("$DRIVER$");
will it help me to reallocate the input variables.

AND i am already using ruleProxy.substitute("$USER_INPUT_RESULT_1$",emptyString);
Thanks a lot for the help extended to me