View Full Version : Localization Issue with .Net CF 2.0 application

11-29-2007, 01:36 AM
Hi All,

Right now working in a project where we need to migrate windows CE applications from .Net CF 1.0 to .Net CF 2.0 framework on Windows Mobile 5.0 OS devices.

In the process of migration we used Visual Studio 2005 for the framework migration, we opened the project (v7.1) and VS 2005 automatically migrated to (v8.0).


After migration, the application works fine in en-US scenario ( uses Resources.resx file) but fails to retrieve value from Frech resource file (Resource.fr-CA.resx).
Instead of french localized text, it returns same english text.

We have used seperate Class to access resources file values called Resources. In this class, we have GetString Method, Add ResourceManager Method

AddResourceManager method is used to add a base name, it adds a ResourceManager obj to a collection object.

GetString Method takes key value and returns the localized string ( We pass culture info object before calling this method based on the user preference)

I have debugged and verified that for french localization, the cultureinfo getting passed is fr-CA only.

Does anyone faced this issue before, or have any solution ... or i miss something here...???

Offlate i heard that the sequence of loading events/methods/loading resourcefiles got changed in CF 2.0 is that true???

Please throw some light on this...

Thanks In Advance,