View Full Version : Is information hidden in a project and unchangeable?

11-21-2007, 08:47 AM
I had a problem with InstallShield 11 Express - after changing the location of some files it would not build and the only way I could solve the problem was to start a new project. It seems that there is information stored in a project that is not visible at all. This also happened when the project was converted to 2008 Epxress.

And the new version 2008 Express produces warnings like
"Dynamically acquired ProgId VSFlexGrid.VSFlexGrid conflicts with static data associated with component vsflex7L.ocx2. Overwriting with dynamic data."

I cannot stop it from doing this. Is there a way?

Mike Marino
11-29-2007, 10:26 PM
Our IDE (especially Express) tries to hide as many of the inner workings of your project data as possible. However, the raw project files can be edited with a tool name Orca.exe from Microsoft. This gives you access to the raw table data. You could search and modify the paths for files that are causing problems. Modifying the wrong information in Orca.exe can cause trouble, so be careful when using this tool.

Our InstallShield Professional and Premeir tier products give you direct access to all of this data (in addition, in these tiers you can save the projects as XML).

The warnings you are getting in IS 2008 is probably coming from 2 files with the exact same COM data. For example, if you included the file in your project called msflxgrd.ocx, and included the merge module MSFLXGRD.MSM (which includes the file msflxgrd.ocx), you could see this type of warning.

You also may have created registry data in the registry view that is the same registry data as that of a File set for COM extraction.