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07-18-2007, 04:30 AM
I have set 'Generate Package Definition File' to Yes in my release and have created a :\AdminStudio Shared\Templates\Template.pdf and :\AdminStudio Shared\Templates\Template.sms

Adminstudio 8 is not picking up these templates and I am not sure where it is getting its settings from?

The generated PDF looks like this..

Version = 2.0

[Package Definition]
Name = BES-Kixtart-3.47.0-R01-2258
Version = 3.47.0
Publisher = Kixtart
Language = English
Programs = Setup
MifFileName = BES-Kixtart-3.47.0-R01-2258.mif
MifName = BES-Kixtart-3.47.0-R01-2258
MifVersion = 3.47.0
MifPublisher = Kixtart

Name = Automated Minimum Installation
CommandLine = msiexec /m "BES-Kixtart-3.47.0-R01-2258.mif" /qn /I "BES-Kixtart-3.47.0-R01-2258.msi"
SupportedClients = Win 9x, Win NT (i386)
UserInputRequired = False
RemoveProgram = True
UnInstallKey = {2B568D3C-D87B-4950-8F64-EE313E8C3788}


08-04-2007, 11:38 PM
Nobody generates definition files for SMS?