View Full Version : How to fix the isscript7 shortcut bug?

07-09-2007, 03:21 AM
I have a msi file and want to create a nested installation
the nested msi should be the isscript7.msi

registry is cleaned and there´s no other isscript on this machine
wenn i start the compiled msi it stop´s with the following error message
(Invalid shortpath name)

The Solutions in this thread didn´t work

there is still a shortcutbug with the isscript7
(Invalid shortpath name)

I configured the file in the table but it didn´t work

File Component Filename
F1324_ISRES.dll _ISRES.dll _ISRES1033.dll

File Component Filename
F1324_ISRES.dll _ISRES.dll _ISRES~1|_ISRES1033.dll

speak soon D_Knightley