View Full Version : Multiple Installs on 1 CD problem

06-27-2007, 03:20 PM
I'm fairly new to InstallShield, and I want to put multiple installs on 1 CD, with similar (large) prerequisites. I see 3 ways forward, but can't get any to work:
A) put all installs in one directory,
B) put installs in adjacent directories and have prerequisites in another folder either adjacent or higher,
C) merge multiple installs into single install project
A) fails because unable to rename install.ini (although cf IS 11.5 post http://community.macrovision.com/showthread.php?t=166071&highlight=rename+setup.ini)
B) fails because I can't work out how to put prerequisites in another folder, that can then be shared by the multiple installs.
C) fails because I can't work out how to do it (if it's even possible).

Note: Each install is for a different product maintained by a different team, so want to keep each install as separate project. Merging/wrapping all these later to create C) would be okay.

Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks.