View Full Version : multi-feature installation with basic MSI

06-27-2007, 11:00 AM
Dear All,

I have a problem tryin g to install 2 or more features using basic MSI project.

I have dialog which contains some radio buttons (the different products I want to install).
My goal is when the user select one product, it install the different features of this product.

In this dialog, I have a "Next" button with an "AddLocal" event. The argument of this event is the name of the feature I want to install. Lets say "Offer_1".

In the setup design panel, this feature (Offer_1) contains 2 sub-features.
If I try to execute it, the installer starts but nothing is installed.
If I change the argument from Offer_1 to one of the sub-feature, this sub-feature is installed properly.

What is wrong ?

Thanks in advance for your help