View Full Version : Quick Patch Not So Quick

06-26-2007, 09:06 AM

I'm hoping that someone here can help me find a solution to this. I've been pulling my hair out over it, and it's making me crazy. I'm trying to create a quick patch to my current software release. I have no-problems setting up the quick patch, and telling it which files to change, and what to change them to etc. but the problem that I keep repetitively running into is thus: when I compile the patch it says, via the log, that it is saving 'update.exe' the problem being though, that the release folder (called 'patch') is empty. :confused: I've searched my entire hard-drive for anything remotely similar to the update file, and I'm coming up blank. The other interesting thing, that also supports my theory that the file is being created properly, is when I click on the 'run' button to test the installation routine, it comes up and notifies me that 'InstallShield can not launch the installation because it appears that the installation media has not yet been built. Would you like to build the installation media now and then run the setup?' To which I press yes, and same results. It says that it compiles with no errors, but there is no file called update.exe. The entire patch folder remains empty, and running the .MSI in the 'UpdatedImage' folder results in an error saying that a previous version is already installed. Thus leading me to believe that it has not actually built the patch. I would be most appreciative of anyones help, suggestions, or anything in this matter.

-- Josh