View Full Version : How to Speed up a simple InstallShield (Basic MSI) project

06-26-2007, 07:56 AM
We have a basic MSI project (IS2008). There are no components, only a
simple .net app (some EXEs, some DLLs, 1 self registering COM DLL, and
images, config files, etc.). There are about 20 files in the
executables and about 30-40 supporting files (images, etc.)

There are 3 custom actions, 2 on install, 1 on uninstall. The install
ones do some post install app config and launch the app. The installer
also removes the previous versions of the app.

We're shipping as a single EXE as we have the installer as a download
which may download the .NET framework.

We require that very few install screens be present, so even for
launching the app we don't ask the user.

What are the best ways to speed up the installer? The only basic step
we've tried and not got very much speed increase is to not optimize
for size. The size of the installer then goes from 7 to about 8 MB.

Thanks in advance,