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06-20-2007, 05:00 AM

My setup contains compressed and uncompressed components and two languages. I defined a matching Release and everything is fine as long as I use IS2008's isdev.exe.

But IsSABld doesn't work: I get a setup, but all components are compressed and only the default language is included!

Im using:
"%ISHome%\IsSABld.exe" -p "%ISSetups%\test\test.ism" -r "test" -b "%SetupDisk%\test" -a "test"

Building Release: test

InstallShield Script Compiler

I got 'IS2008 SandAloneBuild Setup' via 'Program Update'
(FileVersion: '', Internal Build Number: 62562)

Please advice, I need IsSaBld to be able to build setups durring build-process of our software!

Birgit Platt

==========PROBLEM SOLVED =================
I just removed argument -a "test", now it works :)