View Full Version : Performing a Minor Upgrade Windows Installer thinks Installed Features are Advertised

06-14-2007, 12:34 PM
I have a release of my software that was builting using InstallShield 12 and I have previously deployed Version 7.0 and Version 7.0.1 using installers built with InstallShield 12. I am now working on Version 7.1 and have upgraded to InstallShield 2008. I have also added a number of new SubFeatures to the installation, and a couple of new Components, which according to the help on "Major Upgrade vs. Minor Upgrade vs. Small Update" I should be able to do and still build a Minor Upgrade or a Small Update.

The installer builds fine, but when I go to install it Windows Installer runs through the process and does not appear to do much of anything. I have found in the install log that it thinks all the currently installed features are "Advertised" not installed:

MSI (s) (04:9C) [13:05:49:430]: Feature: Database; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstall
MSI (s) (04:9C) [13:05:49:430]: Feature: agnfiltm; Installed: Advertise; Request: Reinstall; Action: Reinstall

.... etc .....

Any idea what would cause WI to think Installed Features are Advertised? Something with adding Features or Components to the install? Something with upgrading to InstallShield 2008?

Thanks for any advice or thoughts,

Bob O'Brion

06-14-2007, 02:12 PM
Answered my own question...sort of. Looks like I deleted a Feature as well as adding some. Big no-no. Weird that WI marked everything as Advertised, but when I added that Feature and all its Components back the install upgrades correctly now.


Stefan Krueger
06-15-2007, 03:18 AM
You should also see some SELMGR errors in the log.