View Full Version : Creating a patch update

06-13-2007, 10:17 PM

I am trying to create a patch for a windows application.

I have a windows application using VB 2005 and have added a setup Basic MSI Project called setup1 to my current solution.

I have gone through the defaults using the project assistant. I have installed the application without any errors.

Now my problem is creating a simple patch for the windows application after making some small changes.

I have done this 2 ways without success, using the quick patch project by adding it to my solution. Using these steps:
I made some changes to the windows application and then added the quick patch wizard.

When the wizard started i selected the setup1.msi as the previous version. The patch was created and I doubled clicked the update.exe and it installed ok. However, when I run the currently installed windows application the changes were not there.

Then did it a second way by using the patch design. I added another Basic MSI project called setup3. Then adding a new patch configuration, i selected the setup1 for the previous and setup3 for the latest. I built the patch and the patch was created ok. However, when I run the patch it doesn't update the currently installed windows application.

Could someone please help me with this problem, many thanks,