View Full Version : Uninstall Problems

06-13-2007, 12:44 PM
I made a simple setup.exe using the Project Assistant. The finished installation includes a folder with a couple of sub folders. The root folder contained 10 executables. The install portion of the program works fine. Selections are added to the start Menu and all the folders/executables are installed.

Then I immediately run the uninstall. However, when uninstall is run from either the start menu or control panel, the root folder and 5 of the executables are not removed. But the sub folders, start menu selections, and other 5 executables are removed. Why is only a partial uninstall occurring? I have read everything in the help files concerning uninstalls. In addition I have been looking through these forums. Any kind of pointer to what I should be looking for would be greatly appreciated.

I am logged on as an administrator running Windows 2000. I know the OS is old but that is what our company uses.