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06-13-2007, 02:08 AM

i do have a problem to connect to AES. I installed it on an other server as the AS and after i checked all the settings i'm still not able to loggon with the ASAdmin/ASAdmin, sa/<mypass>, ams_system/<mypass>. Are there any known configurations i've overlooked?

In AdminStudio->Tools->Options there is the right IP. And under Catalog->Connect the following (right IP):

see pic

I do have the AdminStudio 8 Enterprise Edition. Any help is appreciated.


Cary R
06-13-2007, 10:18 AM

In AdminStudio 8.0, the Workflow Manager web application and the AES Web application have been merged. Thus, the default login will be the same as it was for Workflow Manager 3.5:

User: suams
Pass: suams

This should get you going.

Cary R
06-13-2007, 10:40 AM
Also, as an aside, since AES is now a part of Workflow Manager, it might be helpful for people to post AES questions in the Workflow Manager part of this forum, since this will separate the web application type questions from the repackaging type questions.