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06-12-2007, 08:57 AM
Can debugging within maintenance mode be made easier?

I have a basic msi project and would like to debug it in maintenance mode, however I encounter the following problem:

I debug in maintenance mode, I then realise I need to add some new code. So I add the new code and recompile the Installshield project. This then creates/overwrites the setup.dbg file (which contains the code plus the new added code). When I perform a debug, the new added code appears in the debug view but gets ignored and does not get executed.

At this moment it is a hell: I have to uninstall the application rebuild the installer with the new code fix, re-install, then run in maintenance mode. This whole process takes 30-40 minutes (large complex installer)

Debugger functionality?

It would be nice to have the same debugger functionality like within the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger (jump over code, step back, ...), add a watch objects.