View Full Version : .NET Dependency Error, Multi-Language

06-08-2007, 11:24 AM
I have a custom action that based on the language selected changes XML files within the installed files.

I also have a dependency on .NET 1.1 added to the installer. My test installs are all on English versions of Windows. If I try to test the custom action by selecting another language such as German in the drop down when the installer starts, I get a .NET error.

My questions is whether it is normal to receive a .NET 1.1 install error if you try to select for example German as the language on English windows? Is it not detecting that .NET 1.1 is installed because it thinks it needs the German version of .NET 1.1?

If you select English and it is already installed it does work, any other language and there is an error installing the .NET Framework.

I just want to select another language to test the custom action, but it will not let me on an English version of Windows...

Also if burning a DVD is there no way to include all the .NET 1.1 languages? They could easily fit on a DVD, but you cannot select more than one language when using .NET 1.1.