View Full Version : how to package 2 applications as a single application.

06-05-2007, 11:56 PM
I want to post a query. The query is "I want to package one application from 2 applications, i.e, (Features of first application) + (Features of second application) = The final application."

Is there any way i can do that? Also there should be one shortcut which consists of both the applications contents. Also how to club the icons for both the applications as a single icon. And how can I add 2 files under a single component and set a key file for it. OR when i create a shortcut, I need to give some component or exe but i cannot give 2 components n 2 exe's for a single shortcut. I want 2 exe's or 2 components in one shortcut or is there a way where one can set key path for both the exe files under a single component.

Please help me out. Thnks much in advance.