View Full Version : Basic MSI migrated to IS2008

Christopher Painter
06-01-2007, 02:02 PM
I migrated an IS12 Basic MSI to IS2008 and when I diffed the file for checkin I noticed IS created an ISSetupType table. Is this valid for a Basic MSI project? I don't see any support for Setup Types in a Basic MSI project.

<table name="ISSetupType">
<col key="yes" def="s38">ISSetupType</col>
<col def="L255">Description</col>
<col def="L255">Display_Name</col>
<col def="i2">Display</col>
<col def="S255">Comments</col>

<table name="ISSetupTypeFeatures">
<col key="yes" def="s38">ISSetupType_</col>
<col key="yes" def="s38">Feature_</col>

The table has no records so it gets stripped from the resultant MSI.