View Full Version : Making customized ini + cfg file for installer

05-29-2007, 03:20 PM
I am trying to make installer for software. Installer for each system has different ini and cfg file, but the main part has the exactly same set up. I need to be able to swipe the ini and cfg file. I know I could add these two files and re-build the project of InstallShield 12 Express every time I need to make a new installer file.

The old installer had one set up file and other files in a folder. There were ini and cfg files among those files. All I need to do was to swipe ini and cfg files, and burn all the files on a CD; the installer would copy all the files within the folder to the target directory of a computer when installing. Using InstallShield 12 Express, this only creates one set up file, and nothing else. And, I was wondering how to add these two files as I need to make customized installer CD for each system before building the project.

I don't even know what the installshield express project types to start with. Can someone help me? :confused: