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05-15-2007, 08:10 PM

I've created an express project with the intention of transferring a CAB file to a mobile PDA unit. (PDA units running Pocket PC 2003 have a different CAB to those running Windows mobile 5).
I also need to install the appropriate .NET files as part of the install.

In the mobile device section, what's the difference between choosing "New windows mobile and/or smart phone device cabinets" and "Exisitng mobile device cabinets"?

I'm at the point now, where the .NET stuff transfers to the PDA unit and installs OK, however my CAB is transferred to the unit, but not executed. Why does the .Net stuff install, but not my CAB?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

05-16-2007, 12:33 PM
If you already have a cab file, use the 'existing' cab file option. Otherwise, choose the 'new' option.

I'm not sure why your cab file is not installing on the target. It might be helpful if you let us know which option (above) you wound up going with.

05-16-2007, 08:00 PM
We are attempting to deploy a single application to multiple Pocket PC / Windows Mobile platforms. This application is written in .NET and accordingly requires the Compact Framework as well as SQL CE. We are using .NET to bundle our application into multiple CAB’s, one for each platform type (for optimisation sake).

We have specified the appropriate Compact Framework and SQL CE requirements within our Installshield project. This portion of the install works fine. However, we our having troubles with the installation of our application CAB. The issue is that our application CAB is extracted on the mobile device before the .NET framework installation has had time to complete. Here are the symptoms...
• Within ActiveSync, we can see the Compact Framework, SQL CE and our application CABS are copied successfully to the mobile device.
• Problem is that our application CAB raises an error advising that the .NET Framework is required as a prerequisite. Once we tap OK to this message, our CAB installation is aborted.
• It seems that all three CAB’s are extracted on the mobile device simultaneously, rather than in order.
• We note, however, that the .NET framework installation is still in progress in the background on the mobile device.
• If we wait for the .NET framework installation to complete (a few seconds), and then manually extract our application CAB, it installs fine.

So it seems to us that the .NET framework installation (ie CF CAB extraction) should be completed first, before any other application CAB’s are extracted.

Our second issue is, given we have a CAB for each platform, how do we specify multiple source CAB’s each with a different target platform?

Hope this clarifies the issue.

05-17-2007, 11:46 AM
You say you are "are using .NET to bundle our application into multiple CAB’s." Perhaps try using InstallShield to bundle the cabs.
I'm not sure what is throwing the "error advising that the .NET Framework is required as a prerequisite." Perhaps that is added by Visual Studio?