View Full Version : SP2 - Profits Are Up!

04-26-2007, 02:49 PM
Well, I just got more good news for the (lower than Professional or Premier) users. We seem to be getting the shaft again for Vista support.

InstallShield 12 SP2 is Now Available!
Close on the heels of Service Pack (SP1), Macrovision releases SP2 for InstallShield® 12 Premier and Professional—fully supporting Microsoft’s Windows Vista™.

Hmm, this seems to be obvious to me. If you are on Premier or Professional, "you have fully supporting Microsoft’s Windows Vista". But, if you are on Express (who was not even given service pack 1), we must have less than full support of Vista.

Why is this?

Now through May 15, 2007 Macrovision is offering its InstallShield Express and Professional users—with licenses for active versions 9 through 11.5—a 15% discount on the product-plus-maintenance bundles of InstallShield 12 Premier or Professional Editions.

Here we are, it is called profit for Macrovision. Yes, their profits will be up.

Yet, I have had to struggle with 12 custom actions to try to make legacy applications install work the application properly in Vista.

You bet folks, I am thrilled! Considering the impact Vista is having on legacy applications, and the installations of them, I would think Macrovision would be knocking down doors to give us Express users the service packs. Just think about the customer loyality it would build. Or, in reality, the customer loyality they will lose.