View Full Version : Custom Action/SQL Server config

04-23-2007, 11:40 PM

I have a few questions relating to the design of my install project.

My app is written in VB.NET and stores SQL Server connection information in its MyApp.exe.config file. During the installation, users need to be able to specify this connection information (IP/Server name; Authentication Type; Username/Password; Database Name). This information needs to be written back to the config file.

I assume that this custom action will have to be an exe as I cannot create custom dialogs with ISE12? In which case I will create a simple .NET Winforms app.
When to launch this custom action? I will include the exe in the Setup Files so is "After File Transfer" the best place?
What about administrative (silent) installations? This will be the most common method of installation for my app, using Microsoft SMS etc. How can I specify this information in this case? Obviously an exe cannot be launched for silent installs.

There is also a server install for my app, which installs shared files and (optionally) will need to attach a SQL Server mdf file to an instance of SQL Server. How can I achieve this with custom actions? Does anybody have a code sample?

Many thanks