View Full Version : Common Windows Controls not included in Vista

03-19-2007, 02:50 PM
I've been using InstallShield Express X for some time now. I confess to
never having mastered it. I just wrestled with it enough to get it to
create my setups and stopped there. I've learned that several of the
components my VB6 app uses may not be shipped with Vista. I say "may not"
because my setups worked fine for me and my beta testers and it worked fine
on a clean install of Vista Home Premium when I tested it. Yet I'm getting
reports from some Vista users that it is crashing due to missing components.
I looked around and found from
http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vbasic/ms788708.aspx that the following
components my app uses are not included with Vista:


OK, so I went into my InstallShield Express project and went to the Files
view. When I drag one of the above files (such as mscomctl.ocx) to
[SystemFolder] I'm told "mscomctl.ocx exists in the merge module Microsoft
Windows Common Controls (6.0). Would you like to add it to your project?"
When I go to the "Redistributables" view I see that Microsoft Windows Common
Controls (6.0) is already selected. But, in the "Conditional Installation"
pane below it shows that only "ScannedProject" is checked. "Always Install"
is not checked. If I agree to the dialog above where it offers to add the
merge module to my project it simply checks the "Always Install" option.

I don't really understand the difference between "ScannedProject" and
"Always Install". I couldn't figure out the difference from the manual nor
from the Help file nor online searches.

I hate mucking about with system components in my setup project without
knowing for sure what I'm doing. Is there an InstallShield Express guru
here who can tell me what the difference is between having just
"ScannedProject" checked in this context and having both "ScannedProject" &
"Always Install" checked? It seems that all I need to do is check "Always
Install" for all the merge modules I already have selected in the project.

One last question. Should I need to add comdlg32.dll to [SystemFolder] in
the Files view if I have the Microsoft Common Dialog Control 6.0 merge
module included (which includes comdlg32.ocx)?