View Full Version : Serial Validation Retry count is ignored

03-14-2007, 04:25 AM
I have a dll for validating the serial code which spawns a message box and returns 0 on failure and returns 1 on success. I have set the retry count to 3. When I enter an invalid serial or none at all, the installer immediately jumps to the 'installation failed' dialog, without allowing me a retry.

Also, I previously had a failure return value that was non-0 (-1) and with the custom action that I have scheduled 'after setup complete success dialog' it still performed that action even with an invalid serial code. With a 0 value for failure this does not hapen. The documentation states that any non-success value is interpreted as a failure, but apparently this is not the case everywhere.

Is there a quick fix for the first issue? I really need to have a proper installer ready soon and without the serial retry it's just not ok...