View Full Version : "Major Upgrade" Issue with IS9

02-02-2007, 02:20 PM
I am hoping someone else is experiencing the same problem because I am stumped.

I installed an older program using installshield setup. At the Destination Dialog screen I changed the default path (c:\ce95) to a different one (c:\whatever). I then continued with the setup with no problem.

Once the application was installed, I decided to try and run the setup program to upgrade the installed application to a higher version. I modified the setup program so that is skips the Destination dialog for major upgrades. The problem is, when I run the setup for the major upgrade, it totally ignored the application path and creates a new folder based on the default path. So now I have both c:\whatever and c:\ce95 on my computer. The updated files were placed in c:\ce95.

What am I missing here? Has anyone else experienced this? :confused: