View Full Version : Problem registering DirectShow filter AXs and OCXs in VISTA

Mark Stegall
01-30-2007, 02:32 PM
I am having a probelm with ISE 12 when installing self-registering files on VISTA. Specifically DirectShow filters which require Admin priveleges when runnning regsrvr to register them. ISE 12 does not appear to run regsrvr with Admin privileges which causes the install on Vista either to hang or return an access denied, 0x80070005. I have already mark the projected as needing admin privileges and thre Required Execution Leven as Admin. My custom actions do run at Admin level.

Is it possible to run a .bat file as a custom action? I can easily register the files myself that way.

Mark Stegall
01-31-2007, 06:01 PM
If a self-regsitering file requires Admin privileges when installing on Vista and is included in the InstallShield project to self-register it can hang hang the installation or fail with an access denied error (0x80070005) This appears to be because Installshield is not running regsvr32 with Admin level privileges even though the project is set to run at Admin level in the project.

Macrovision's recommened solution is to installing the OCXs was to not mark any of them as self registering files. Then use select the Extract Com information for them. The Extract Com information did not initially work on our system during build because the machine that the project is built on did not have the application and ocx's depedencies already installed on it (even though they were part of the project). They dependencies have to be installed on the build system because regsrvr32 is called by ISE 12 to Extract the COM data. (which fails if a dependency is missing from the system).

Using this method worked successfully on the Vista install.