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01-24-2007, 08:46 AM
Hello Community, this is my first post to this forum and I need some help with InstallShield.

I have a windows application developed in VS 2005. This is a .Net 2.0 application Uses MSDE 2000 as a backend SQL Server and uses SQL Server Replication to update a server.

I have specified in my Setup project to have MSDE2000 be a setup PreReq. I have included the Primary project output as well as the SQLMerge.dlls my application needs.

When I compile the setup project, InstallShield performs some type of scan and decides to include the replication merge modules into my setup application. Then when I attempt to run the setup, I get the infamous "This wizard was interrupted before XX application was installed..." message. Looking at the log file, It is failed to determine supporting files in LoadSQLLibrary. I have included the actual portion of the log file for you below.

My problem is why is install shield trying to add these merge modules, I would think that by installing MSDE and already having the needed .dlls in all that is required. The MSDE Installation will take care of any replication software that needs to be put on the machine.

If anyone can please help me resolve this problem as I am due to release this application very soon.

Thanks so much for any assistance.

Mark Stegall
01-30-2007, 07:09 PM
The merge module location ISE 12 looks at by default is [ProgramFilesFolder]Common Files\Merg Modules. This is where VS2005 Beta 2 merge files were installed on our system. The release files are one more level down at: [ProgramFilesFolder]Common Files\Merg Modules\Merge Modules. This occurred with the VS2005 SP1 installation and has the release MSMs. I had to add a new path for the redistributables in order for it to use these MSMs instead.
Under Object Type to Display ( in the redist step) pick Merg Modules, then slect any one of them, right click and do a Browse for Merge Module. Navigate and select new directory (not the MSM file). ISE 12 will add the new path to its MSM search list.