View Full Version : Not removed the registries when uninstall on pocket pc 2003

01-22-2007, 12:30 AM
i have created the cab file using Installshield v11 for pocket pc 2003.
The pocket pc 2003 have already one application with v1.0, This application have some registries also. Run this application and changes some settings which are affected to the registries and exit from the application.

Now i am install the cab file which is v1.1 on that pocket pc 2003.
when it is installing, this installation is not creating the registries, if already exists.

Upto this, it is working fine.
Now this pocket pc contains the application v1.1.
And Uninstall this software, it should be remove the files and registries.
But it is not remove the registries which are related this application.

what is the exact problem, please anybody help.