View Full Version : Create directories with individual user group permissions

12-12-2006, 03:43 AM
Dear IS Friends and Freaks!

I'am using IS 11.5 since several months and be indead very contently with it.
But now i've got a unmakeable problem:

I want to create a directory on the WindowsVolume, i.e. C:\mydir
I want a standard user out of the standard user group be able
to read and write witin this directory. But within the permission dialog
i am only be able to add a specific user like "donaldduck" but in fact
i don't know the names of any user which will ever use my product in the future so what is the reason for the possbility to add a specific user within
this dialog?
How can i add a user group?
Is there any one who can give me a hint on that?

Hope vor Help