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12-07-2006, 09:53 AM
I completed my first installation yesterday, and chose the options of CDROM, SingleImage, and WebDeployment. The first two worked just fine (well, there was conflict with a dll, but I can figure that out).

NOTE: I am using an eval version to ensure this works for me before plopping down $450.

I have two issues with WebDeployment.

First, the FTP path. I set up an FTP so that IS would dump the contents right where I needed them on the web. When I use command->ftp manually, I go to the right place. When I use WS_FTPPRO, I go to the right place. When I use InstallShield, it loads it to some directory on my Internet server that's not even in my install path for that user! Any clue why it defaults to the server path of C:\InetPub\FTPRoot when my server's default is ..\FTPRoot2?

Second, after copying the files to the correct place, I run the Default.htm and.... it runs. and runs. and finally I get a message that says the program is trying to close the browser. But nothing happened! Then I see it wants an ActiveX loaded, so I click no to the close-browser question and click on the ActiveX and tell it it's ok for this domain and I run again and then it tells me that it can't be downloaded because my browser doesn't recognize the publisher. So I moved the files inside of a secure domain that I have and have used before and I get the same result.

What does it want to be able to download the CAB file?



12-08-2006, 04:31 PM
I am not shure if am right but it could be a part of our sollution that you need to sign the Media file... this is a proberty under Web-Deployment!

To your First Problem: My experience is that Installshield sometimes does what you want - but you will never know when?