View Full Version : Creating Shortcut Results in ICE Errors in Tuner, but not in Editor

11-30-2006, 09:21 PM
I've run into a problem while evaluating the ZENworks FLEXnet AdminStudio 7.5 Tuner. Adding a new shortcut produces ICE18 and ICE69 errors. It also installs a folder called NewFolder1 in the area of the new shortcut. I don't see this issue when using AdminStudio Professional Editor (a.k.a I.S. Professional 11.5).

Here's what I do to create the shortcut.
1. Select File->New and provide an MSI file. Tuner automatically suggests an MST name.
2. Press the Create button
3. Click on Shortcuts
4. Inside Shortcuts right click on "Destination Computer" and click show folder "ALLUSERPROFILE"
5. Click on ALLUSERPROFILE and select "New Folder". Rename that folder to "Start Menu"
6. Click on "Start Menu" folder and select "New Folder". Rename that folder to "Utilities"
7. Click on "New Shortcut" and call it WinZip 9
8. Set the target type to "File from msi package" (note, the documentation refers to an advertised target type, but this isn't a selection for some reason)
9. Click on Target and a prompt appears for the target. I select WinZip32.exe
10. Do a postvalidation check and you see:
ICE18 ERROR: Keypath for Component: CST_COMPONENT8 is Directory: "Utilities. The Directory/Component pair must be listed in the CreateFolders table.
ICE69 ERROR: Mismatched component reference. Entry NewShortcut of the Shortcut table belongs to component CST_COMPONENTS, however the formatted string in Target references file 'winzip.exe'

Running the install creates the shortcut, but also creates a folder called NewFolder1 in the same area.

I don't have this problem when I run the AdminStudio Professional and use Editor (Professional 11.5) instead of Tuner.

My question is what am I doing wrong?

Is this is an issue that has been addressed in ZENworks Adminstudio 8?
Thank you,
- Mark