View Full Version : ice 43 /57 error starting out

11-25-2006, 07:09 PM
Hi all, i'm only just starting packaging, dont know a great deal about it, so as a test i've packaged "Addaware" just to see whats going on, i'm using Orca to validate and getting the following error which no doubt you've all seen before, "Component aaw.exe has non advertised shortcuts, it should use a registry key under hkcu as it's keypath, not a file".
So i've looked at this and looked agian, so, the component is Aaw.exe and the keypath to is the same.
I've googled this 57 error and although i get plenty back, it's all the same and i dont understand it, can anyone put in simple terms, rather than just saying "Mixing per-user and per-machine data in the same component.... blah blah blah" which all appears in one way or another to be copied from MS, can someone either the give me the nuts and bolts or even better point in a direction where the info maybe a little easier to understand. Thank in advance