View Full Version : migrating to express 12

11-25-2006, 03:56 PM
I currently running express 5.x and want to move to express 12 to create installs DotNet and pocket pc app's. However, being doing so I want to ensure that being so, I will not experience the same problem(s), I'm having w/ express 5.x.

I have a build that runs a custom action dll during uninstallation. However, in lieu the custom action running during uninstallation, it being ran everytime a database query is executed in the target application. That is, the application or software that is installed runs the custom action everytime a database query is ran in the application.
The custom action prompts the user to cancel uninstallation and once cancellation is made then the database query called in the application is executed.

NOTE: This appears to be happening only on Windows XP.

any help is appreciated.