View Full Version : Generic MST for Branding

11-02-2006, 03:33 PM
I would like to create a generic MST file I can associate to any MSI and upon install have it create a handful of registry keys and set several values inside that branch. I do not want to do this with a template to merge with an IRP when creating a MSI because I can't always use the template. I say that because if it's a vendor created MSI I can't use the template to import my branding keys. I would like an MST I can just drop on either case and have my branding be identical.

Are there any ideas out there? I've double checked that I don't have verification of MSI Product code or any other unique features on the MST but I get internal MSI error codes because the MST is referencing the MSI I referenced it to the first time.

Thanks! :cool: