View Full Version : Re-Packager Standalone 7.5 - remote run fails to pick up most "FILES"

10-04-2006, 03:38 PM

We are using AdminStudio 7.5 (Zenworks Edition).
When attempting to package a ('Class' - program for recreation departments) setup.exe to a compressed msi, I consistently am missing 1 file (that I know of) mscomctl.ocx, which the Class program required to run.

I found the above file actually was installed with the 'repackager' program and subsequently not picked up by the install process as a required file for the Class program.

To address the above problem, I am attempting to run the repackager remotely from a shared directory as recommended as a best practise. Now I am finding that it is not picking up any of the 'files' after program installation and processing is complete. Shortcuts, registry settings etc are picked up, but when running the repackager from a remote location the 'files' are missed. The same install picked up 1 file once, and 0 files the next time.

Has anyone successfully ran the remote repackager?

Any tips on why it is failing to pick up program files?

10-10-2006, 06:28 PM
The remote packager should work fine.
Did you install the repackager client on the machine you are repackaging from (basically it just creates shortcuts to your remote packaging share)?
Share$\AdminStudio\Repackager\Remote Repackager\setup.exe

Then when you're saving your output, chose a remote location on a server, don't save the output to C$.

You should also check your Global Exclusions Editor. You might be excluding the C:\ drive when you're scanning. Use mulitple snapshots and check your configuration options.