View Full Version : Performance Issues on Multi Processor Systems

09-28-2006, 07:22 AM
Does anyone have any experience of running Adminstudio (7.5) (editor 11.5) on new systems which have hyperthreaded or on true multi CPU systems.

When compiling a large MSI, it only uses 1 processor.

The compile process it would seem is very processor dependent and not dependent on the amount of memory or hard disk speed. The msi we are trying to compile takes many hours on a P4 - 3GHz and we thought it would run better on a newer hyperthreaded CPU or on a high spec desktop with dual processors but alas it is only using 1 CPU.

We tried the same experiment with Wise version 5.x and this supports Multi processor systems and completes the repackaging tasks much faster.

Unfortunately we do not have wise licenses to be used in our production environment, so we can't use this as a permanent solution.

When are macrovision going to support the new classes of CPU's with HT or Duo technology as Wise seem to have been supporting this for years!