View Full Version : Support for dongles on 64-bit Windows

09-21-2006, 06:56 AM
Can anyone from Macrovision give us some indication as when the proper support for the authentication against dongles on 64-bit Windows will be available?

The 64-bit dongle drivers for Alading USB HASP has been available since November 2005. However, with FLEXnet publisher toolkits available at the moment, only 32-bit lmgrd and 32-bit vendor daemons can recognize the FLEXID on the 64-bit Windows x64 (I tested the latest available FLEXnet toolkits and 11.3).

The documentation for and 11.3 suggest that one can run the 32-bit license server system on a 64-bit Windows, and the 64-bit applications can get a license as long as the FLEXID is in the SERVER line, i.e. if the license is floating.

There is no way at present to authorize 64-bit application when using a node-locked license on a 64-bit Windows locked to a dongle (in either server or unserved configuration).

This is obviously a problem, as majority of customers who buy dongle-locked license prefer to purchase node-locked, rather than floating license (it makes little sense to float of a dongle)

When can we expect proper support for dongles in the 64-bit version of the FLEXnet toolkit for Windows?


05-22-2007, 01:55 PM
64-bit dongle support is important for my company as well. Many of our customers recently are deploying 64-bit versions of our software to Windows and Linux, and they cannot use the dongle method. As of the most recent version, I believe FLEXnet Publisher 11.4, it is still not supported.

05-31-2007, 06:10 PM
Support for FLEXID=9 (Aladdin) on Windows x64 platforms has been introduced in maintenance release FLEXnet Licensing 11.4.1.

Users with current maintenance agreements can read the release notes here: http://www.globes.com/support/fnp_lm_index.htm.