View Full Version : .NET Framework 2.0 Installation not completed

08-14-2006, 04:36 PM

I have a WinForms application that requires .NET 2.0. When I install my application on a machine without .NET 2.0 it acts like it is installing .NET 2.0 but very quickly proceeds to complete the installation of my app. When I run my app it fails (because the .NET 2.0 Framework did not get installed). As a workaround I have changed my .NET Framework Location from "Extract from setup.exe" to "Copy From Source Media" so that my user can double-click dotnetfx20.exe to get it installed. I have not had any problems with getting .NET 1.1 installed with my applications using the "Extract from setup.exe" method. What do I need to do to make installing .NET 2.0 with my app as seemless as installing .NET 1.1 with may apps.

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