View Full Version : Installation Issues - Starting Error.

07-28-2006, 06:30 AM
We use installshield express 11.5 to create an installation package for our program. merge modules include crystal xi.

the build is created without error. We have had reports from customer installing the software on Windows XP that a "Starting Error" message is displayed at the end of the installer, just before it removes the backup files.

The installation completes and the user is able to use the software. However, we have some clients running the application through Terminal services and they have been unable to install the software on a Windows 2003 server pc.

We have tried this on our servers and we have the same problem. "Starting Error" message appears at end of installation and when we try and launch our application on the server this same message appears and does not allow us into the program.

Any ideas what this message indicates ? Im wondering if its an issue with Windows 2003 server as the same installer works on Windows 2000 server.

Please help.