View Full Version : Single-Image setup.exe: where is it?

Roger Garrett
07-23-2006, 05:13 PM
When you have a single-image setup.exe file it apparently self-extracts into the various separate files needed for installation.

1). Where does it self-extract to?

2). During the installation I want to copy the single-image setup.exe file (from wherever the user may have downloaded it to) to my own specific directory so that my application can later have access to it, even if the user deletes the original single-image setup.exe file. I wrote a simple program to do the copy, I include it in the installation, and I specify it as a Custom Action. My copy program does indeed run during the installation, but the setup.exe that it copies is the smaller, extracted setup.exe, not the original, all-inclusive, single-image setup.exe. Is there a way that I can know where the original setup.exe resides so that I can copy it?

- Roger Garrett