View Full Version : Custom Action looses selection

07-13-2006, 11:42 AM
I have already reported this to InstallShield a while ago but I have not had a reply. Does anyone suffer from the same problem?

This is some of the text I sent to IS:

In the custom action screen, the "Install Exec Sequence", the selection changes when you click on it. It basically selects the first string that partially matches the old entry. For example, if you had an entry: ABC_NEW and it finds an entry: ABC, then your old entry (ABC_NEW) is automatically changed to (ABC). This is quite bad when you have many custom actions as I do. I think there is a strncmp instead of strcmp in the code but the check should be reversed.

I have attached a very simple project that demonstrates the problem. Just go to the "Custom Actions" tab, select "new_action" and then click on the entry for "Install Exec Sequence" which should be set to "After action", somehow it magically changes to "After action_data".