View Full Version : Incorrect version of Merge Modules for XP

07-13-2006, 09:33 AM
I am having problems installing my VB 6.0 app on Win XP - it appears that some of the MS merge modules are out of date and creating out of date versions of the dll's in system32, e.g. msstdfmt.dll, msbind.dll, etc.

In InstallShield Express 11.5, the merge modules for these items is, but the latest version on on my XP development machine is 6.1.9782.

1. Where can I get the latest version of the MS merge modules?

2. Should I exclude these modules from the XP OS installation?

3. When I downloaded the merge modules for InstallShield 11.5, and tried to install the setup file, it refused to install, as it was looking for 11.5, not Express 11.5 - which downloads are the correct ones for Express 11.5?

4. It appears that some of these dll's are NOT part of Win XP, so there are no files to protect when installing the merge modules. however, the dll's are clearly out of date.

any ideas? thanks