View Full Version : Is it really this hard?

07-11-2006, 03:26 PM
Or am I just totally off in left field here. This is my first time with InstallShield, so bear with me.

I have a VS.Net 2005 solution that contains two projects; one is the main exe and the other is a dll the exe depends on. Eventually, I'll have a bunch of exe's that depend on this dll.

I've bought and installed the InstallShield Professional version thinking it would do the following: allow me to create a single EXE that would contain the all the stuff needed to install my app. Apparently I'm missing something cause nothing I can do makes this happen.

Here is what I've done:
-within my VS.Net 2005 solution, I've added another project as a Basic MSI.
--I proceed thru the Project Assistant and specify the following key things:
---[InstallDir]\MyDll\MyDll.dll (set to self register)
--Now I run the Release Wizard specifying the following
---Media Type = Network Image
---Release Configuration = Compress all files
---Include .Net v2, and extract from setup.exe

Now when I build this puppy, I get a bunch of files in DISK1, and the setup.exe is no where big enough to contain all the stuff I've specified (including the .Net redistribute); Thats problem #1: how do I truly create a single setup.exe with everything I need in it?

If I take DISK1 to a target machine, and try to install it, I get a dll registration error (more on this later). I ignore the error and everything else goes ok. Now, I try to run the installed exe... I get an error saying I need to first install .Net v2. Problem #2: why the heck is my install exe not installing .Net? (PS on this point; I have tried the repair option and I still have the same problem).

Now if I manually install .Net and try to run my app, of course it wont run saying it cant find my dll. Problem #3: how do I install a dll that needs to register itself for use by exe's in other subfolders?

Please help me out guys. I'm starting to loose it over this thing... its really embarrassing to know my app is ready to rock, but I cant figure out how to deploy it.

Thanks for your time.