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07-10-2006, 10:19 AM

ich möchte, dass beim Einlegen der CD/Autstart die Installation ohne eine Benutzeraktion abgebrochen wird, wenn die identische Programmversion bereits installiert ist. Wie lässt sich dies in einem Installscript-MSI-Projekt realisieren?

07-10-2006, 11:15 AM
If I understand your question correctly (with the help of online translators), you will need to make a custom exe that the autorun.inf launches. This exe can then look for signs of the installed program. It would then exit if it finds the program, or launch the current autorun support (probably setup.exe) if it does not.

07-11-2006, 01:47 AM
Thank you for the answer. I will try to explain the problem in english.

The setup program has build in functions to recognize the program version already installed. As a rule the autorun.inf launches the setup.exe. If the program already installed is identically equal to the launched setup progam I have the choice to run uninstall or can run into maintenance mode, if configured in my installshield project.
Is it possible to configure the setup to exit at this point without any further dialogs?
I don't want make a custom exe for this job because of the version detection.

07-11-2006, 10:35 AM
Ah okay. So in the case you detect it's already installed, at least from the CD (as opposed to the Add/Remove Programs control panel), you want your setup to exit? Some methods that come to mind include a type 19 "error" custom action (for MSI based projects), or using the "abort" statment in an InstallScript project. In either case you would want to condition it appropriately to avoid accidentally making an installation that aborts when you try to uninstall it.

07-12-2006, 02:10 AM
You have apprehended the problem correctly.
I have created an Installscript MSI Project. So I can use the "abort" statement in the OnMaintUIBefore event.

But there are two questions:

1. How to condition to avoid making an installation that aborts when I try to uninstall it. Can you show me some script code or how to make a condition for the custom action?

2. How could be suppressed the "installation has finished" dialog. According to the return value the "installation has finished" dialog appears with different messages the user has to quit/receipt.