View Full Version : Do I have to specify url for my cabs in WEB installation?

07-10-2006, 01:54 AM

I am using now InstallShield 11 WindowsInstaller project.
I am using WEB installation: Install from WEB - Setup.exe, MSI package, and Cab files.
In InstallShiled 11, one of the release fields that I have to set is: url from where my cabs will be downloaded. I have many servers, and this means that I have to build different release for each server (url).
I would like to have only one release and specify that url be the same (or relative to) location of install.htm/intall.cab or specify url in configuration file.

Does someone can tell me how does it work in InstallShield 12?
Maybe suggest solution how to avoid multiple builds?
How InsatllShield sugegsts to deal with situation like mine?