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07-07-2006, 02:50 PM

My installer has a few dialog paths, one for full install and one for custom, and custom install has a different path if a feature isn't installed. I'm trying to add support for major upgrades to show different dialogs, removing the option to configure one feature and just letting them know it will be updated. I am using the property IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE in the condition for these, but have a couple of problems.

On full install, it works correctly going foward (next buttons), but not going back. The condition is the same, from the SetupType dialog for the Next button I have


Which works.

In ReadyToInstall the back button is


But it is failing (or skipping) the first condition and going to the second, and therefore the wrong dialog (where a user could mess up the upgrade by changing the options).

Also the CustomInstall Next condtions are not following the correct path either, basically doing the same thing as the Back button on ReadyToInstall.

Any suggestions? The same condition, IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE works on CustomActions both before and after the dialogs. I have also checked the ControlEvent tables in Direct Editor and used Orca to check the MSI file after it was built. The order and conditons where correct.

As a side note, I was at first using the Upgrade Property set in Upgrades, which worked for Custom Actions before and after the dialogs, but I could not get it to work in the dialogs.

I also tried setting a public property, ML_UPGRADE_TYPE, which worked for Custom Actions and in the same case as IS_MAJOR_UPGRADE. I was hoping to use this so I could take different dialog paths depending on the version being updated (I have to support a couple of different Major Upgrades scenerios).