View Full Version : Setup on Windows Mobile 5 doesn't stop ...

07-07-2006, 06:39 AM
Hi all.

I've developed a little app with .NET CF 2.0 and SQL Server Mobile. On my search for a setup utility which supports most platforms and operating systems I found InstallShield 11.5, so I tried it.

I built the setup and copied it on my storage card, put the card in my device and - oh :eek: - it seemed to be working fine. For the first moment.

In fact it the Setup Launcher started one CF/SQL Mobile .cab after another. Even if the second or third one worked fine and the installation succeeded, it starts the next one ...

So, it seems that the tool is the one I was looking for, except this little problem ... is there a way to fix it? If yes, you got my money for sure! ;-)

Regards from Germany

07-31-2006, 04:06 PM
Are you stil having this problem? I'm not sure if I'm understanding the problem correctly. It sounds like you are just building the cab files using the 'Smart Device' project type. Perhaps you want to build a setup.exe instead containing your desired cab files and the desired redist files so that all cab files will be installed via ActiveSync? Again, I'm not sure if I'm understanding your issue completely so please be more specific if you are still having this issue. Thanks!