View Full Version : SdLicense in Vista x64 OS fails!

07-05-2006, 06:30 AM

I tried to use SdLicense,SdLicense2, SdLicenseRtf and SdLicense2Rtf APIs to display the custom dialog box in Install shield12.
It works fine for WinXp 32bit and 64bit OS but fails on x64 Vista system.

The log says

InstallShield: CallScriptFunctionFromMsiCA() ends
MSI (c) (F4:E8) [14:16:32:312]: NOTE: custom action ShowLicensePage unexpectedly closed the hInstall handle (type MSIHANDLE) provided to it. The custom action should be fixed to not close that handle.
Action ended 14:16:32: ShowLicensePage. Return value 3.
MSI (c) (F4:80) [14:16:32:312]: Doing action: SetupCompleteError
Action 14:16:32: SetupCompleteError.
Action start 14:16:32: SetupCompleteError.

ShowLicensePage is a custom action which triggers the script method which uses the SdLicense APIs.
I tried to get the return value of the above APIs but it is failing internally.
finally it goes to the interupt page and exits.

Has any body tried this on x64 Vista system ?
Can any body help me in this regard.

The environment what i have used is bellow:
OS: Windows Vista Beta (Build no: 5384)
IS: Install Shield12
Project: Basic MSI.