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06-28-2006, 09:57 AM
I'm new to Installshield so forgive me for me lack of knowledge here. I have a c# project in Visual studio 2005. This is a windows forms app that has an application configuration file that contains a connectionstring that needs to have the SQL Server instance set at installation time. So, I added an installshield 12 (for VS 2005) project to my solution, added the c# projects primary output to the installer project, imported the .config file into the XML File Changes section and set the attribute to be set using [IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER]. I added a SQL Connection into the SQL Scripts section (which I assume I needed to do to get the SQL Login dialog box at runtime. Everything seemed cool, I built everything and ran the installer. Everything seemed to install OK but then I got the 27519 error stating that the XML file could not be updated. So, I clicked Abort on the install.

After trying a lot of different options, I recreated a blank MSI Installer project (not inside Visual studio this time) and did everything I had previously except this time I manually added the application's .EXE and .CONFIG files to the installer project. When I installed this, everything worked fine and the .config files connectionstring is updated with the name of the SQL Server I selected from the Installers dialog box.

What I am assuming is that for some reason, the project output from my C# project is not being written to the destination file system before the XML File Changes are attempted (or am I totally off the mark?). Basically, I need to resolve this issue because I need to have an Installshield installer included in my visual studio solution.

Please...can somebody help?

Many thanks in advance,


07-18-2006, 10:12 AM
I had the same problem. Your XML file is read only. If you are using source safe, it sets all files to read only by default. You'll need to go into your code directory and find the app.config file and turn off Read Only. For some reason this gets transfered over to the xml file that is copied during installation. When this happens you can't modify it and the installshield complains at you.