View Full Version : Trouble creating package for website

06-15-2006, 03:56 AM
I experimented with InstallShield 10.5 a while back and had a lot of trouble getting an server-side installation package for a website but had a lot of issues getting it running so eventually abandoned it. I thought they might have been fixed but I'm running into the same grief again now with v12.

The installation package seems to randomly corrupt itself when creating a website: I get an error along the lines of -2712 Cannot create Web Site when I try to install it with nothing noticably out of the ordinary. After making about 10-15 installation package trying to iscolate the problem I eventually managed to create a package that didn't kill itself when installing by recompiling and testing it with every single change to the installation package. Same settings, what looks to be the same package but 1 works and another 10ish dont.

.NET COM Interop: Doesn't behave in the same manner as regasm does. It looks like the permissions on registry entries are much more restrictive than those created by regasm and as a result the IUSR account can't access them = no COM interop for a website

Virtual Directories renamed: it I try to create a virtual directory with the name A.B.C then it trunkates the .C when typing in the name after first creating it.

More generally?
-How do you turn back on the confirmation box about creating dynamic file links?
-How do you replace text in an arbitrary file (in my case an ASP file containing info such as database server to connect to) or is that only possible for XML files?

Any workarounds/pointers? I feel like I'm having to fight the InstallShield every step of the way :(